J.J. Watt Pulled An Incredibly Cool Bro Move For An 8-Year-Old Boy Who Was Hit By A Car

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Real life Captain America J.J. Watt was back at it again, doing good deeds and impressing people with his humanity.

On New Year’s Eve three people in Houston were sent to the hospital after being struck by a car. One of those people was 8-year-old Noah Fulmer.

While Fulmer was being treated by EMTs at the scene he reportedly started crying because they had to cut off his #99 J.J. Watt jersey.

When news of this accident made its way to Watt via Twitter he responded by asking if Fulmer was okay and saying that he would be by the next day to replace his lost jersey personally.

On Tuesday, after Fulmer came out of surgery Watt, true to his word, was there waiting with several new jerseys for the youngster.

This, along with all of his other amazing feats and charitable work (not to mention his old MySpace page), is why J.J. Watt is most definitely a rock-solid bro king.

What a class act.


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