Joe Burrow Put On A Show While Hitting A Bunch Of Dingers At Reds Batting Practice

Joe Burrow at Cincinnati Reds game

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It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that many people who get paid to play a sport for a living once excelled in other pastimes thanks to the sheer amount of athleticism you typically need to have to end up in that particular line of work.

For example, Kyler Murray could’ve easily taken his talents to the MLB instead of the NFL (although it seems like he made the right call), and notable names like Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson were somehow able to balance a career in both leagues thanks to the insane amount of talent they possessed in their prime.

Josh Allen arguably had more business playing baseball in college than he did pursuing his football dreams when you consider he could throw a 90 MPH fastball in high school and needed to spend a year at a JUCO program before landing at Wyoming en route to becoming one of the best quarterbacks the NFL currently has to offer.

Earlier this year, the Bills QB proved he can still hold his own on the diamond when he got the chance to take some swings at batting practice ahead of a Toronto Blue Jays game and sent a number of balls into the outfield bleachers at Rogers Centre.

However, he’s got some stiff competition in the form of Joe Burrow.

Burrow excelled on the football field and the basketball court when he was a teenager, and while he’d played baseball in middle school, he opted to shift his focus to those two sports when he headed to high school.

He was able to shake the rust off when the Reds invited him onto the field for batting practice ahead of Wednesday night’s showdown with the Dodgers, and he was able to hit four balls out of the park when everything was said and done.

He may have nothing on what Elly De La Cruz was able to achieve later in the evening, but that’s still nothing to scoff at.

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