It’s A Good Thing Kyler Murray Stuck To Football Because His New Salary Is More Than The A’s Payroll

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Kyler Murray is the happiest man alive this fine Thursday afternoon. The Pro Bowl quarterback just signed a five-year deal to remain with the Arizona Cardinals totaling over $230 million. That deal includes a $160 million guarantee, resulting in quite the payday for the fourth-year passer.

Murray’s new agreement makes him the second-highest paid signal caller in the league, a decision that some NFL fans are questioning. Nevertheless, it gives the gunslinger security in Arizona as he looks to get the Cardinals back to the playoffs.

The recent deal has to give Cardinal fans confidence in their newly wealthy passer pertaining to one key quarterback attribute. His decision making.

As most remember, Murray was not only a first-round NFL Draft pick, but he was also selected by the A’s in the first round of the 2018 MLB Draft. Luckily, he stuck with football.

With the new contract, the Oklahoma alum will earn just over $46 million a year in Arizona. That’s more than the entire active payroll for the Oakland Athletics.

According to Spotrac, the A’s adjusted active payroll is around $41.9 million, about $4 million less than what Murray will make in 2023. Fans have been quick to comment on Kyler Murray’s new deal, as well as the bullet he dodged in the MLB.

Fans react to Kyler Murray’s new deal

Social media was blown away by the fact that Kyler Murray will make as much as the entire Oakland roster. The A’s are known to be penny pinchers, but this stat is mindboggling.

Many noted the difference in spending between the the A’s and Cardinals for top talent. After all, Oakland’s lone invite had to catch a flight with a division rival to Tuesday’s All-Star Game.

This guy has an idea that could benefit both parties.

It’s safe to say that Murray made the right decision.