Josh Allen Stole The Show While Homering Multiple Times At A Blue Jays Batting Practice

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen

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It’s pretty hard to become a professional athlete without possessing an insane amount of physical prowess, so it’s only natural that plenty of people who get paid to play a sport for a living could’ve pursued another pastime in a different timeline.

For example, Kyler Murray turned down a massive offer from the Oakland Athletics before opting to take his talents to the NFL (which turned out to be a pretty wise decision), while Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders were able to juggle careers in both leagues just because they could.

Josh Allen is just one of the countless football players who played multiple sports in high school, as the man who’s emerged as one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL was also a basketball star and a pitcher who possessed a 90 MPH fastball as a teenager.

As you may know, Allen was determined to play football in college, although he had to settle for a JUCO program before transferring to Wyoming en route to becoming the seventh overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

It’s been close to a decade since the QB played organized baseball, but it doesn’t look like his skills have eroded too much based on the show he recently put on after heading across the Canadian border for a Blue Jays game.

On Monday, Allen and some of his teammates made the relatively short trip from upstate New York to Toronto to watch the Blue Jays host the Yankees.

The home team rolled out the red carpet for a visit where Allen was invited onto the field to take some swings inside the cage during batting practice, and he managed to go deep four times while participating in the impromptu home run derby that was held.

When everything was said and done, Allen was unable to top Matt Barkley, as the backup QB was crowned the champion after notching five dingers.

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