Joe Flacco Got Absolutely Clobbered And Immediately Fumbled, Because Jets (Video)

Joe Flacco Big Hit Miami Dolphins New York Jets

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  • Joe Flacco’s first start back with New York was painful.
  • He took a vicious hit in the first half, and because it’s the Jets, he immediately fumbled.
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Quarterback of the New York Jets is a thankless job. It is highly likely that not only will you lose, but something bad will happen at some point.

That was the case with Joe Flacco on Sunday.

In the absence of first round NFL Draft pick, the 36-year-old Super Bowl XLVII champion was the sacrificial lamb. How unfortunate.

Flacco was named the starter against the Miami Dolphins and, as could be expected, it did not go well.

Early in the second quarter, the Jets found themselves with an opportunity to take a 14-7 lead. Facing 2nd-and-goal from the six-yard-line, Flacco dropped back to pass.

He immediately looked to his right and appeared to be waiting for his back to get out of the backfield. While looking strictly in one direction, Flacco completely forgot about his blindside and paid the price.

Dolphins safety Brandon Jones came untouched off of the edge and rocked Flacco’s world, forcing a fumble. It was a slobberknocker.

Poor Flacco. The guy wins a Super Bowl, becomes an end-of-career backup and gets stuck with the Jets. The goddamn Jets.

Nobody even acknowledged Jones coming off of the left side. It was a truly terrible effort from the New York offense and Flacco was the biggest loser from the situation.

He’s going to feel that one in the morning.