The Internet Reacts To Joe Flacco Not Throwing To A Wide Open Lamar Jackson In End Zone

Before the start of the season there was some drama between Joe Flacco and rookie Lamar Jackson when Jackson said the veteran QB hadn’t called him after he got drafted.

Via Pro Football Talk

Meeting with reporters during rookie minicamp on Saturday, Jackson was asked whether he has heard from Flacco. The answer?

“No, I haven’t,” Jackson said. “No I haven’t.”

It sounds like he also hasn’t heard from recently-signed veteran backup Robert Griffin III, based on his answer to the next question of whether Jackson would ask Flacco or Griffin.

“I don’t know yet,” Jackson said. “How they see things on the field. What made them learn the system even faster, stuff like that.”

Months later, the Internet had jokes about the Flacco-Jackson relationship when Flacco didn’t see a wide open Jackson who was used as a decoy at wide receiver and would have scored an easy TD on a third and goal play.

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