Joe Montana Confronts And Subdues Intruder Who Tried To Kidnap His Infant Grandchild At His Home

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NFL legend Joe Montana and his wife experienced a scary and bizarre incident at their Los Angeles County home on Saturday afternoon.

According to TMZ Sports an intruder snuck inside Montana’s home and snatched his infant grandchild out of a woman’s arms which led to a tense confrontation. Thankfully the Montanas were able to wrestle away the child from the intruder and no one was harmed.

Via TMZ Sports

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Sports … at 5 PM Saturday a 39-year-old woman entered the home where the Joe and Jennifer Montana were staying — she got in through an unlocked door. The intruder saw a woman holding a baby — it’s unclear who was holding the infant.

Our law enforcement sources say the intruder walked away with Montana’s grandchild to another part of the house where she was confronted by Joe and Jennifer. They wrestled the baby away from the woman. The intruder then ran out of the house.

TMZ goes on to report that there were a few L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies nearby who were able to arrest the intruder a few blocks from the Montanas home.

Turns out L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies were on the same block on an unrelated matter. Someone inside the home flagged the deputies down, told them what happened and they found the intruder a few blocks away.

The woman was booked on kidnapping and burglary charges.

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