Joe Rogan Goes Hunting And Films ‘Talking S*** In The Woods’…I Just Died From Laughing So Hard

by 1 year ago

In this clip above we’ve got Joe Rogan doing some hunting, and as the name implies he’s ‘talking s*** in the woods’. I’ve never been hunting with Joe Rogan. In fact, I’ve never even met Joe Rogan, but after watching this clip of him cracking jokes while hunting I think I’m adding ‘shoot some animals with Joe Rogan’ to my bucket list in life.

Joe Rogan’s a man who knows how to crack a joke. He’s spent his entire adult life in front of a camera or on a comedic stage, and his delivery is impeccable. So nobody should be surprised to see that he’s also funny as shit in real life. If this show was on HBO (or OLN), I’m fairly certain I’d set my DVR and watch it every week even though I typically only reserve my DVR space for fishing shows…It’s that good.

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