Joey Bosa’s Mom Admits That She Wished Her Son ‘Pulled An Eli’ And Turned Down The Chargers

As a lifelong Giants fan and also someone who ends up reading way too many scientific theories after hitting the bong more times than I should have, I’ve always imagined that there’s an alternate universe where Eli didn’t turn down the Chargers in 2004 and the Giants instead kept Phil Rivers. What would the current NFL landscape look like? How big of a penthouse would Rivers have needed in order to accommodate his humongous family? Would Eli have become a vegan whilst living in California? What about actual football stuff? These are the things I lose sleep over. Not the constant threat of terrorism or the ever-increasing wage-gap but alternate NFL universes.

So i’m weirdly invested in what the mother of No. # overall draft pick Joey Bosa is presenting here in terms of her wishes that her son had not accepted the Chargers’ offer.

Via San Diego Tribune:

“Imagine, for a moment, being Joey Bosa’s mother. Your 21-year-old son is the only NFL draft pick not in training camp. Being an outlier casts a negative light on him; while some fans side with him, others naturally back the team. You believe your son is being dragged through the mud by an organization that has not communicated with Bosa’s agent since July 28, that has yet to propose a contract structure resembling recent deals for a No. 3 overall pick. Oh, and by the way, had the home-state Jaguars drafted your son fifth overall instead of the Chargers at No. 3, none of this would be a problem. Well, she is reacting as parents sometimes do.

A source authenticated a Facebook comment left by Cheryl Bosa on Sunday afternoon. In it, she voices frustration at the situation. “It bums me out for him so much,” she wrote to a friend. “Wish we pulled an Eli Manning on draft day.”

Manning, of course, shunned the Chargers before the 2004 NFL Draft. His father Archie said that he didn’t want his son to play for the franchise. The team ultimately drafted Manning first overall anyway only to trade him to the Giants in a package featuring quarterback and No. 4 overall pick Philip Rivers.

While that moment in Chargers history remains something of a sore spot for team fans, it is important to note Bosa has not requested a trade and does not plan to do so, a source said Sunday. Cheryl’s comments do not necessarily reflect those of her son. And she, just like seemingly all who are invested in the situation, can’t help but wish the entire ordeal was avoided in the first place.

Instead, it continues. The Chargers will hold their seventh practice of training camp Monday at 3 p.m. Bosa won’t be there, as the stalemate between the two sides lingers.”

PULL IT!! PULL IT!! Imagine if Bosa does jump ship? What kind of precedent is this setting? I mean, yes, the Chargers are an absolute fucking dumpster fire of an organization, but you’ve gotta extend the olive branch a little bit if you want your draft class to be of much use to you. Also, we’ve gotta talk about Mrs. Bosa. I’m not sure how rich this family is, but this woman apparently has never done any laundry in her life because she never learned the importance of not letting other people see how dirty it is. I mean, how in the world is your best idea to reference what may possibly be one of the biggest snubs in franchise history. “I really hope this franchise begins taking my son seriously even though I wish we had turned them down completely signed with an overall better franchise.” That’s a great way to begin to mend bridges. I’m sure the Chargers will love this since, you know, it’s 2016 and nothing disappears anymore.