John Cena Tells Another Story About The Generosity Of The Rock And He’s Probably A Year Away From Sainthood

I’m not sure if it’s definitely true but I just typed “The Rock” and my keyboard automatically typed “is the nicest guy on the planet” right after it. The Rock is the nicest guy on the planet. See? There must be a way to change that in my System Preferences, but for now, let’s hear another story about Dwayne Johnson’s legacy of niceguyness.

From LadBible:

Speaking at a Salt Lake City Comic Con Q&A, the 15-time world champion said: “I actually told him that he had taken a picture with me when I was an employee at Gold’s Gym back in the year 2000 when The Rock was like, meteoric.

“[The Rock] didn’t need to pay any attention to anyone but people who could possibly do things for him, and here’s this low level employee at Gold’s Gym, wowed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I went up to him and asked if we could take a picture together, and he gave me the picture, and he gave me some advice on how to further my career, and he didn’t have to.

“I held him close and I said, ‘You’re never gonna remember this but you took a picture with me in 2000. It helped me stand here today, and if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be here today’. Then I thanked him very much for all he’s done for the industry, and for all he’s done for me, and then we went backstage and had a shot together in celebration.”

Today we learned The Rock isinspirational and presidential and could get a ton of vagina and loves dead comedians and vets and, most importantly, he’s rich as shit. He’s also nice to people who work at the gym.

He’s swell.

[via LadBible]