John Daly Was Pissed That American Airlines Lost The One Thing A Pro Golfer Needs To Do His Job

If there’s one thing that PGA golfer John Daly is known for—besides knocking the snot out of the ball, boozing, smoking and gambling, of course—it’s that he won’t take shit from anyone.

The two-time major champ, once again, proved that today when he found out American Airlines lost the one thing he needs in order to do his fucking job—his golf clubs! Oh, and Daly let them know he wasn’t stoked about it, taking to Twitter to let them have it.

Things started out exciting for JD:

But when he landed in Qatar and found out his clubs were nowhere in sight, he turned angry, as he didn’t have his sticks to, you know, play golf:

Hell, even one Twitter follower saw this as an opportunity to pitch Daly on using a different service to get his clubs around the world for tournaments, with the golfer showing interest after the American Airlines fuck up.

It just goes to show a few things:

  1. Golfers fly commercial, too. Well, John Daly does, and he’s a golfer.
  2. Airlines fuck up the most important things at the most important times.
  3. John Daly is still the man. Don’t ever fuck with John Daly.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]

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