John Daly Gave A Highly Entertaining Q&A Session With Fans That Was Classic John Daly

John Daly is one of the most beloved sports figures in the entire world. Fans adore him for brash style, honesty, and down-to-Earth personality. Daly connected with his fans on Twitter with an impromptu Q&A session on Sunday and it was classic John Daly to say the least.

Important questions were asked such as Daly’s preferred breastaurant Hooters or Twin Peaks, ribs or steak, his favorite beer and cigarettes, his favorite divorce, and President Donald Trump or former President Barack Obama. Daly’s answers did not disappoint in sheer entertainment value.

Daly was asked if he thought Tiger Woods would ever win again and he said, “yes –don’t count him out we all have hurdles.”

Daly said that St. Andrews was the best British Open course.

He added that his favorite U.S. golf courses are Torrey Pines South and Augusta National.

When asked who is the “best person to party with on tour, you or Dustin Johnson,” Johnny boy went with the obvious answer.

He gave some sage golfing advice.

Daly may have found a long-lost son.

The lovable golfer revealed his club head speed.

Speaking of head speed, John Daly revealed that if he wasn’t a professional golfer that he would be a porn star. Never change John Daly.