John Daly Making An Appearance On Live TV While Smoking A Cigarette From His RV In A Church Parking Lot Is So On Brand

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  • John Daly made a Sunday morning appearance on ESPN to speak about this weekend’s PGA Championship
  • The legendary golfer was seen smoking cigarettes from his RV on live television
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John Daly is living his best life at this week’s PGA Championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

While the golfer missed the cut by shooting +8 over the first few days of the tournament, he’s not letting it keep him down. Daly is well-known for his on-course antics, most of which involve a diet Coke and a smoke.

He made a few off-course appearances this week, too, one of which came at a local casino. Daly was spotted throwing some money around on the slot machines. And of course, his trip wouldn’t be complete without one of his infamous stops at Hooter’s.

With his missing the cut, Daly’s Sunday is now wide open. He took some time this morning to join ESPN’s PGA coverage with Joe Buck and Michael Collins, and the appearance is so on brand it hurts.

John Daly smokes cigarettes on live TV

Daly appeared alongside actor John Hamm to talk a little golf with Joe Buck and Michael Collins.

In the least surprising news of the day, Daly called in from a church parking lot looking like he was fresh off of a bender. Making the appearance even better, a lit cigarette was hanging from the golfer’s lip as he fogged his RV with a cloud of smoke.

Here’s a better look.

The +8 wasn’t his best performance as a pro golfer, but it hasn’t changed how he goes about his business. Daly might’ve missed the cut but it’s not stopping him from living his best life.