The Reactions To ESPN’s Bizarre John Elway Graphic On ‘MNF’ Are Laugh Out Loud Funny

Reactions To ESPN John Elway Graphic On Monday Night Football


Okay… what the hell is that? I mean, I know that is supposed to somehow be legendary quarterback turned Denver Broncos president of football operations John Elway, but… huh?

Apparently there are people over at ESPN who (a) created this image thinking it actually looked like John Elway, and (b) approved this bizarre image as being suitable for airing during the Titans and Broncos’ Monday Night Football game.

The graphic was supposed to be something about how and what Elway has done in the NFL draft since taking over the general manager duties for the Broncos, but the content of the message was completely lost and overshadowed by the hilarious reactions to the frighteningly bad caricature of the Broncos Hall of Famer.

I was watching this as it happened and I can tell you that I literally have no idea what the exact purpose of the graphic was or what was being said about it because I was too busy thinking I had stayed up too late, was getting tired and starting to see things. Turns out, I wasn’t. It was… real.

Just when it appears they have finally gotten the Monday Night Football announcers’ booth sorted out they go and do this. Stay weird, ESPN.