John Oliver Destroys Ryan Lochte In Scathing And Hilarious Takedown, Calling Him ‘America’s Idiot Sea Cow’

Poor Ryan Lochte. Dude is never going to live down his stupidity for “embellishing” his story about being robbed in Rio at the Summer Olympics.

Naturally, there was no way John Oliver of Last Week Tonight was going to let Lochte off the hook. In fact, he got right to him at the beginning of his show referring to him as “America’s Idiot Sea Cow.”

Oliver also hilariously pointed out that Lochte looks like he’s about to play the porn role of John Slattery in Mad Men and that this latest foolishness has ruined him as one of one of America’s favorite idiots.

Not content with just making fun of Lochte, Oliver also came up with some unique names for some of the Olympic sports such as calling ping pong “stupid tiny tennis” and referring to synchronized swimming as “whatever the fuck this is.”

I’d say that rant deserves a gold medal, especially considering the fact that Americans are so embarrassed by Lochte they felt the need to apologize for him as they left Rio by writing “Sorry about Ryan Lochte” on the walls at the airport…

Meanwhile, it looks like Lochte is already starting to lose a chunk of his endorsement money that we reported on last week.