Johnny Football—Excuse Us, Mr. Football—Signs Lucrative Multi-Year Deal with Nike

NCAA Football: Rice at Texas A&M

Johnny Football™.

According to ESPN, Nike snatched up the rights to potential first-overall pick Johnny Manziel this week, signing the quarterback to a multiyear deal that will be the highest price paid for a rookie in this year’s class. Manziel was also courted by Adidas, Under Armour, and New Balance; while financial terms weren’t disclosed, this all points to a bidding war and Johnny getting paid.

Meanwhile, Nike will look to brand “Johnny Football,” which is currently in the process of being trademarked. From ESPN:

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office currently is evaluating the application filed by an organization in College Station, Texas, which claims “Johnny Football” does not refer to a living person. Manziel, who filed the application later on, obviously claims otherwise.

Considering Texas A&M profited off the nickname for years—without Manziel seeing a cent—it’ll be nice to see a.) Manziel make up lost revenue, and b.) A&M get the shit sued out of them if they ever again slap “Johnny Football” on Adidas-branded shirt. Get your cash, young blood.

[Photo: Thomas Campbell/USA TODAY Sports]