Mic’d Up Johnny Manziel Calls Opposing Player A ‘B**** A**’ For Mocking His Money Sign Celebration In AAF Debut

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Johnny Manziel is back!

Tonight Manziel made his AAF debut as the backup QB for the Memphis Express and was able to start off strong with a solid scramble on his first play in the game.

Johnny was also able to convert 36 yard completion on the same drive.

Manziel didn’t see much playing time in the second half but he did get into it with trash talking opponents. Here is Johnny calling an opposing player a “bitch ass” for mocking his money sign celebration during the game.

Unfortunately for Manziel the team’s starting QB Brandon Silvers led the Express to a big comeback in the fourth quarter.

Silvers eventually was able to throw the game-winning touchdown in overtime.

Manziel seemed genuinely happy for his new teammate despite being forced to watch the team comeback while on the sideline.