Johnny Manziel Has Been Cleared To Play In The CFL Next Season

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It will be pretty hard for anyone to ever top the codeine-propelled downfall of former number one pick JaMarcus Russell when it comes to the list of the biggest busts in the history of the NFL, but Johnny Manziel did everything in his power to cement his legacy as one of the league’s most notable disappointments after he failed to avoid the death sentence that apparently comes with being drafted as a quarterback by the Cleveland Browns.

Johnny Football’s on-field performance was permanently overshadowed (and, in all likelihood, affected) by his off-field antics, and while it would be impossible to list the number of factors that led to his undoing, the nail in the coffin came after he was handed a four-game suspension in 2016 after testing positive for a non-performance enhancing illegal substance that may or may not rhhyme with “propane.”

Manziel eventually came to terms with the fact that he was a drunk asshole, and earlier this year, rumors of a comeback began to swirl after he began working out with a renowned QB coach before going on to practice with Odell Beckham Jr. Things reached a boiling point this summer after it was revealed he had worked out with the Canadian Football League’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats, who ultimately passed on signing him due to a number of red flags.

An undeterred Manziel met with the commissioner of the CFL and the league issued a statement saying they would consider allowing him to play during the 2018 season if he was able to abide by a set of unreleased conditions.

Based on photos taken a couple of months ago, it would appear Manziel would have to do a bit to get back into football shape, but it appears it might be time for him to kick things into high gear. Based on a report by ESPN’s Kevin Seifert, the Canadian Football League has cleared the way for Manziel to join the league for the upcoming season.

The Tiger-Cats currently hold the rights to Manziel, and coach June Jones has apparently said he thinks the former Aggie could be the best QB to ever play in the league. I for one doubt Johnny Football will ever come close to licking the cleats of Doug Flutie, but I wish him the best of luck.

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