Johnny Manziel Stuffed Darren Rovell Into A Locker On Twitter After The Reporter Fired Yet Another Unsolicited Shot His Way

johnny manziel darren rovell twitter exchange

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Twitter is the closest most of us will ever come to experience what it was like to say the wrong thing at a saloon in the Wild West only to find yourself surrounded by a mob of angry strangers intent on making sure you never make the same mistake again.

Most people would only have to be metaphorically tied naked to a cactus next to a nest of fire ants as the desert sun beats down on them a single time before they learn their lesson. However, there are plenty of masochists on Twitter who seemingly need to piss people off like the rest of us need air to breathe and there is perhaps no one on the platform who’s a bigger glutton for punishment than Darren Rovell.

If the internet didn’t exist, I can only assume Rovell would spend his days roaming around the country and knocking on doors to ask people if they’ve accepted sports business as their Lord and Savior and spreading the good word of how much the New York Mets have paid Bobby Bonilla since he rang their doorbell.

Instead, Rovell spends most of his waking hours on Twitter, where the nerdy factoids that helped him build his brand are supplemented with the idiotic takes that have come to define it. He’s been owned countless times over the years thanks to his inability to stop himself from tweeting things he probably didn’t have to, whether he’s trying to assert Manti Te’o ‘s fake girlfriend was the biggest sports story of the 2010s or drawing a truly absurd parallel between CTE and COVID-19 that resulted in Kyle Long telling him to “eat shit.”

Now, another former NFL player has shoved Rovell back into the locker he’s been routinely stuffed into since joining the platform in the form of Johnny Manziel, who was the subject of a tweet the reporter sent out on Wednesday.

Four years ago, Rovell went to check in on the embattled QB only to find out he’d been blocked but it appears Johnny Football had a change of heart at some point, but based on his reply to the largely unsolicited shot fired his way, it wouldn’t be a huge shock if he blocks him yet again.

Was it a fairly childish retort? Absolutely, but I am always down to watch Rovell get dunked on —especially after a lame tweet like that one. However, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise when you consider Rovell’s long and storied history of throwing shade at Manziel on the cesspool that is Twitter dot com, as these are just a small sample of the many times he’s wallowed in the misery of the draft bust.

Jesus, Darren. Who hurt you? It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Johnny Football has dealt with plenty of personal issues since his college days, and while I think people should be accountable for their actions, that doesn’t mean you have to go and dump all over the guy for no reason for eternity.

Thankfully, Rovell keeps giving us new reasons to dump on him and I will gladly seize every single opportunity.

Zach is a senior at the University of Colorado, Boulder studying journalism and history. He enjoys movies, the outdoors, and the Boston Bruins. Follow him on Twitter (@zachritenour) or Instagram (@zritenourphoto).