Just Johnny Manziel Hanging Out with Pauly D of ‘Jersey Shore’ in Las Vegas, Throws Shade a Football Purist Haters

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Spotted in Vegas this weekend during Johnny Manziel’s path of party destruction: Johnny Manziel hanging with Pauly D. He even threw it up on Instagram, so you know it was a proud moment for our boy.

Suddenly Johnny Manziel doesn’t seem as cool as he once did. Pauly D? Bro, that dude’s stock is about Blackberry-level. Protect your brand, Bro.

Meanwhile, Manziel has been taking a beating from football purists who say he should be getting ready for the NFL season and training camp rather than partying in Vegas. He threw this Instagram to the haters bashing him for living it up, captioning it “Guess it’s impossible to enjoy the weekend and study?”

Nah. Just keep being you, Johnny. Let the haters keep on hating until September rolls around.

But seriously: Enough with the Jersey Shore pics. American culture has moved well beyond those guys and we’re all better for it.Stick to pics like this:


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