Jon Jones Went Off On A Ruthless Twitter Rant After Tainted Supplement Report Comes To Light

by 2 years ago

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As you probably recall, Jon Jones failed a drug test leading up to his fight against Daniel Cormier at UFC 200.

It potentially ruined what was supposed to be the biggest card of the year for the UFC.

Since then Jones has off-and-on been proclaiming his innocence, saying that he didn’t knowingly take anything against the rules.

Now, Jones’ attorney Howard Jacobs says that he was simply the victim of a contaminated product.

“We’ve been able to establish the source of the prohibited substances,” Jacobs told Sirius XM recently. “It came from a product that Jon took that was not labeled with either of these substances. We had it tested, the product was contaminated with both of them.

“I know USADA also independently had the product tested — their testing confirms what we found. We then sent essentially the same pills that we had had tested to be tested by USADA’s lab, which also found the same thing. So pretty much every time it’s been tested, it’s shown that the product is contaminated with both Clomiphene and Letrozole — the two substances (found in Jones’ system).”

Now Jones hopes that when he meets with the USADA on October 31st his suspension will be reduced or even dismissed completely.

Oh yeah, he also wanted to let everyone know that he always beat all of his opponents fair and square, only in much stronger language than that…


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