Jon Rahm Is Celebrating The U.S. Open By Chugging Beers Out Of The Trophy And Listening To ‘We Are The Champions’

Jon Rahm U.S. Open

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  • Jon Rahm has experienced extreme highs and lows over the last month.
  • After winning the U.S. Open he is partying like no one expected.
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Jon Rahm has had a chaotic month but it’s all looking up after the 26-year-old Spaniard won the U.S. Open on Sunday. Just two weeks after testing positive for COVID-19 and being forced to withdrawal from the Memorial Tournament with a six-stroke lead, he was the favorite entering last weekend.

Rahm went on to win by one stroke over Louis Oosthuizen after thinking back to 2008 and draining two clutch putts. They were both wicked rolls and he followed them up with incredible fist-pumps.

While Rahm’s finish to the weekend was epic, how he has celebrated his victory is even more so. The morning after his win, he posted a photo of his (very good looking) wife and the trophy in bed. The caption read, “Morning my darlings.”

Jon Rahm Wife US Open Trophy

Jon Rahm/Snapchat

And then a video surfaced of Rahm partying into the early hours of Thursday morning. He can be seen chugging a beer (or wine? or liquor?) from the U.S. Open trophy before smacking a glow-in-the-dark golf ball into the distance. As he walks off with a fist raised in celebration, he stops again for another swig from the trophy.

In the background, you can hear Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions.’ Rahm is living his best life.

Rahm has a reputation of being a little (read: lot) bit of a passionate player, for both good and bad. While he is equally as hot-headed as he is expressive, this side of Rahm is amazing. Who knew?!