Former Texas Longhorn And NFL WR Jordan Shipley Loves Milking Elk, And Selling That Milk

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He retired from the NFL on February 18th, 2014, but Jordan Shipley’s been staying busy ever since by selling ‘Elk Melk’ (milk from elks) at local farmer’s markets, chasing after Santa Claus, and trying to build up his “unique brand of Elk Melk”.

When news first began circulating throughout the sports community that former NFL WR Jordan Shipley was spending his retirement milking elk his University of Texas fanbase thought it was an April Fool’s joke (spoiler alert: he’s still trolling us all). Since then, Jordan’s been pounding the ground game and milking elk all across America, then he takes that Elk Melk to farmer’s markets…In other news, I’d like to know how I get paid by Yeti to film a segment like this, completely trolling my fanbase, and walk away from it with a ton of free Yeti products…Jordan’s living the dream, is he not?

Jordan Shipley was a star at the University of Texas, once catching 11 passes for a school record 273-yards against UCF back in 2009. His NFL career was marred by injuries, and he sustained both concussions and a torn ACL & MCL during his time with the Cincinnati Bengals before being waived to the Buccaneers and then the Jaguars.

It’s nice to see that a man like Jordan can spend his retirement trolling his fans, and dragging a joke out for years. He’s not taking life too seriously, and you shouldn’t either.

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