Jorge Masvidal Responds To Gilbert Burns’ Cheating Allegations At UFC 287

Jorge Masvidal

Getty Image / Carmen Mandato

Jorge Masvidal and Gilbert Burns went at it during UFC 287 and offered a thrilling brawl that went the distance.

Everything seemed fine between the two fighters until the post-fight press conference.

Burns accused Masvidal of greasing himself during the fight. Now, “Gamebred” responds.

According to The Sideline Critic, Burns shared the following statement. “I think I showed a lot of improvement, and that guy was freaking slippery. That’s an old dog, Miami trick with the lotion because he was so slippery. Wow.”

Very weird thing to say considering Gilbert Burns was successful on his takedown attempts throughout the fight.

During an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Jorge Masvidal denied the cheating allegations being thrown his way.

The UFC fan favorite ensured everybody that he’s never cheated once. He also seemed rather bothered by Burns’ claims.

There were never any moments in between rounds where Masvidal’s corner was doing something suspicious. So, it’s weird for Burns to make this accusation.

Who knows why Burns felt Jorge Masvidal cheated? He very well could have just been trying to make a joke with his comment as well. But, it’s hard to imagine that’s the case.

“Gamebred” might be spot on that his sweat bothered the Brazilian star in the cage.

Additionally, you’d think the referee would notice something off too, just as Masvidal pointed out above.

Either way, Jorge Masvidal is officially retired while Gilbert Burns aims to rise up the welterweight ranks.