Jose Aldo’s Cornerman Reveals What He Said To Conor McGregor In Angry Post-Fight Moment

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By now, we all know that Conor McGregor made quick work of Jose Aldo. Thirteen seconds doesn’t leave much to analyze, seeing as the fight was as one-sided as it possibly could have been, but there was an interesting moment after the fight when McGregor celebrated by scaling the octagon and gave what appeared be the double birds to someone in Aldo’s corner.

Aldo’s Nova Uniao teammate and cornerman Hacran Dias can be seen shouting something at McGregor, and that exchange has been revealed by Dias himself in an interview with Brazilian outlet Combate.

“I told him to fight me,” Dias said. “And that I would fight him for free. That was not a good moment and now a lot of people are saying dumb stuff. I don’t know if he saw me or if he pretended he didn’t.

“He looked at me quickly and pointed my finger at his face, he could’ve played it off, but I told him to fight me. I guess we will see. This is a tough subject to discuss now, man I wish I was fighting him.”

Hacran Dias is no stiff. The 31-year-old Brazilian is currently 12th in the UFC featherweight standings with a record of 23-3-1.

But if this dude wants a shot at the champ, he’ll likely be waiting in a very long line.

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