One MLB Player’s Twisted Dilemma: Eat 8 Pounds Of Mac And Cheese For $15,000 Or Forever Be Branded A Wuss

There’s no debating these two facts: 1. Baseball players are the dumbest of all athletes in the four professional sports; 2. They play the least physically demanding of those four sports.

I’m not saying that to insult them. Quite the contrary. It makes for our delight. Give a bunch of rich idiots a fuckton of free time, and you get shit like Jose Bautista and other Toronto Blue Jays players offering Chris Colabello $15,000 to eat eight pounds of mac and cheese.

God, think of the dump you’d take three days later. But that’s the joy of being a baseball player. All you have to do is wake up not too hungover at four for a 7:05 first pitch and your fine.

Talk about the fucking life.

For the record, Colabello gave it a go, but the bet was called off after he couldn’t finish it in an hour.