Josh Allen’s Rumored Ex Throws Shade At The QB While Partying With Friends At The Kentucky Derby

Josh Alle preps for a game.

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Josh Allen’s rumored ex appeared to take a shot at the passer while partying it up at Churchill Downs. Brittany Williams is “accepting husband applications” following an apparent split from the Buffalo Bills signal caller.

One of Williams’ friends posted a photo of the two together as they took in the sights and sounds of the Kentucky Derby. Many online have been quick to react.

Allen and Williams appeared to be on their way to being Buffalo’s biggest power couple this past season. Allen led the Bills to another NFL Playoff appearance. Williams was right there rooting him on.

It seems the “Queen of Buffalo” has been removed from the throne, though.

Rumors began circulating of a split after Josh Allen’s ex stopped following him on social media. The rumors were all but confirmed this weekend.

Williams was in Kentucky on Saturday to watch the ponies. Before leaving, a friend would throw some shade Allen’s way.

“Now accepting husband applications,” the caption read with Williams being tagged in the post.

Many online were quick to react.

One person wrote, “This is typical behavior after a break up,” while another commented, “Imagine being this petty while your ex is unbothered.”

Someone else asked, “Oh. Could that be why they broke up?? Josh wasn’t willing to put a ring on it.”

We have no way of knowing the reasoning behind the split, but it certainly looks as though the couple is on the outs after spending the last few years together.