Josh McCown May Have Had The Best Reaction To Tom Brady Reportedly Signing With The Buccaneers

Josh McCown Had Best Reaction To Tom Brady Signing With The Buccaneers

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Josh McCown has played in the NFL for 18 seasons. He’s been the quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals, Detroit Lions, Oakland Raiders, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, and Philadelphia Eagles.

During those 18 seasons playing for those nine teams, McCown has worn #12, #13, #15, and #18.

Apparently, at least two of those numbers have meant good news for the franchise for which he wore them as following his stint in Cleveland the Browns signed another #13, Odell Beckham, Jr.

And now, with Tom Brady reportedly set to sign a new two-year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers there will be a new #12 in town, assuming Bucs wide receiver Chris Godwin, whose Twitter handle is also @CGtwelve, is willing to give it up to TB12, which he most assuredly will.

Outside of just being a lucky charm when it comes to wearing numbers for a franchsie, McCown also has now realized that he’s become a boon to those wishing to Photoshop other players’ faces into those uniforms bearing his number.

“Possibly the best contribution I made to these great cities!! #photoshoproyalties,” McCown tweeted on Wednesday with photos showing exactly how useful he has been.

You know you’ve really accomplished something when you have been Photoshopped out of not just one, but two photos in your career.

Now the question just becomes, which legendary players are going to be wearing #12 for the Cardinals, Lions, Raiders, Panthers, and Bears (he also wore #15 for them one season), and which superstars will be wearing #15 for the Jets and #18 for the Eagles in the near future?