A Top Minor League Prospect Sent His Teammate To The Disabled List After A Dumb Joke Went So Wrong



Pranks in sports, especially baseball, are common ground for players to build chemistry and create some fun during the grind of a long season. Word to the wise, though, make sure you never actually injure one of your teammates while pulling a quick one.

It’s too bad that a top Miami Marlins prospect, Josh Naylor, didn’t follow those rules during a knife prank on his teammate/roommate, Stone Garrett, who’s the No. 2 prospect in the entire Marlins’ organization.

Per the Sun-Sentinel:

Garrett, the Marlins’ Minor League Player of the Year in 2015, received three stitches to his right hand, Hill said. He was placed on the disabled list Saturday with what was described as a cut on his thumb.

The Marlins are flying Garrett to Miami to have the injury evaluated by a hand specialist, said Hill, who termed the incident a prank gone bad, not a fight between the two players.

Pranks gone wrong are always bad. Pranks that injure, arguably, the best minor league player an organization has is just straight up dumb—and just unlucky.

Michael Hill, the Marlins president of baseball operations, added this about the incident, per the Sun-Sentinel:

“Naylor has a reputation of being a bit of a prankster, but this one obviously went a little too far,” Hill said. “Obviously, he’s torn up about it. This is a good friend, his roommate. They came into pro ball together, so they’re good friends.

“Hopefully it’ll just be a short term and [Garrett] can get back healthy and return to form and continue on his career.”

“I don’t think you’ll see Josh Naylor goofing around with knives any more. Other pranks were just pranks and nobody got hurt. Unfortunately, this one ended in an injury, which isn’t funny at all.”

Yeah, might be time to take the whole stabbing teammates on accident thing out of the clubhouse before it becomes a serious epidemic. Boys will be boys—just keep things safe, bros.

[H/T Deadspin]

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