J.R. Smith Is Live Tweeting His College Experience And Shared A Funny Story From His First Week

JR Smith

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J.R. Smith is back in school and it’s already off to a humorous start. The 35-year-old, two-time NBA champion began class at North Carolina A&T earlier this week and is pursuing a degree in liberal studies.

When Smith was a senior in high school in 2004, he was committed to play college basketball at North Carolina after a lengthy recruiting battle. However, not long after winning MVP at the McDonald’s All-American Game, a NBA scout told him that he could always return to college and get a degree if he chose to go straight to the league.

Well, after 16 years of professional basketball, Smith is doing just that. And in addition, he is competing on the Aggie golf team as a Division-I golfer.

As the 6-foot-6 former NBA guard walks the halls on campus in Greensboro, N.C., he is hard to miss. But at the same time, it’s also hard to believe.

Smith’s eventful first week.

Smith has been live tweeting some of his college experience and shared a funny story from his first week. Apparently, despite the fact that he is actually who he says he is, Smith’s classmates aren’t buying in.

In response to the disbelief from his study group, one person suggested that he should pull a prank. Smith says those days have passed.

While some people might think that Smith is just sandbagging his way to a degree, he wants to be very clear that it is not just a joke or a hobby. He’s in it to learn and he’s doing all of his own work.

And that work he is doing is not easy.


As Smith starts to fine-tune his vocabulary and incorporate some of what he is learning at NC A&T, he joked that his whole way of communication is about to change.

When it comes to day-to-day life, Smith did make close to $90 million in career earnings after all. He isn’t quite worried about the same things that other students might be.

But with that being said, he does seem to want to get some of the true college experience and might go bully some poor dudes on the hardwood.

It sounds like it has been an interesting first week at college for Smith. Fortunately for us, the updates have been promised to continue.

This is going to be fun!

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