Longer Uncut Film Of JR Smith’s Game 1 Blunder Shows LeBron James’ Raw Reaction On The Bench And It’s Absolutely Brutal

Game 2 of the NBA finals has already played and unless the Cavs win the series everyone will remember what transpired at the end of game 1 when JR Smith committed the ultimate blunder that cost his team the opportunity to steal away a game on the road.

Smith has been wishy-washy about what he did or not think during the play or what he did or did not say to LeBron after game.


After thinking about it a lot after the last 24 hours and however long it’s been since the game was over, I can’t say I was sure of anything at that point,” Smith said.

Smith was asked if he remembered telling an irate LeBron James, “I thought we were ahead,” after the clock expired, as it appeared he said in a camera angle captured by the ABC broadcast of the game.

“I might have said that,” Smith said. “I’m not for sure, but I might have.”

Today BallisLife.com released four minutes of uncut footage of what transpired immediately after the play and while we still don’t what Smith was thinking when he ran out the ball we can see the raw emotions of LeBron James on the bench and he was clearly not happy with his longtime teammate.

LeBron was so visibly angry when he learned the team still had a timeout on the play that he couldn’t even look in Smith’s direction.

Absolutely brutal.

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