JuJu Smith-Schuster Isn’t Going To Stop Dancing On Other Team’s Logos And Grinding On TikTok

juju smith schuster tiktok dance logo

Getty Image / Shelley Lipton

JuJu Smith-Schuster has always seemed like a big kid, a big kid that’s super quick and has really good hands. He’s always been in touch with the latest social media trends and developments. Smith-Schuster has streamed video games on Twitch with the likes of Drake and Ninja and casually revealed that he made $100k to simply watch a Thursday Night Football game last season.

Smith-Schuster also has over 2 million followers on TikTok and has created a new trend for himself on the extremely addicting app by dancing on opposing team’s logos before a game. He danced on the Bills logo last weekend and it seemed to backfire on him as Buffalo players said it gave them a bit more motivation to go out there and knock off the Steelers.

During a media session on Wednesday, reporters asked him about the situation of dancing on Buffalo’s logo and whether or not he’ll stop dancing on other team’s logos this year.

Smith-Schuster made it clear that he’s going to continue his grind on TikTok and plans to keep dancing at midfield. He simply can not help himself from dancing on the logo and giving his Steeler-fan followers what they want.

Smith-Schuster has posted videos of himself dancing on the Cowboys and Jaguars logos as well this season.

The Steelers have a Monday Night Football matchup against the Bengals this week so it’s safe to assume that Smith-Schuster will be putting on a show for his TikTok crew in primetime.