Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is Like All Of Our Moms As She Nervously Cheers On Her Son At The Big Ten Tourney

She may be best known as Elaine from Seinfeld or whatever her award-winning character is from the show Veep, but Julia Louis-Dreyfus was just mom today as she nervously watched her son’s Northwestern Wildcats play in the Big Ten Tournament.

A Northwestern alum herself, Julia’s son, Charlie Hall, is a walk-on freshman for the Wildcats’ men’s hoops team—and his mom looked like all of ours did while watching us play sports during our younger years.

Unfortunately, the actress couldn’t bring extra luck to her son and alma mater, as Northwestern lost in overtime on a heartbreaking buzzer-beater versus Michigan.

Julia didn’t stay for the following game, which makes sense since her son’s team had just lost, but there’s no truth to the rumor that it was because she needed to get on the dance floor to blow off some steam.

See, in every situation, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is like every single one of our moms!

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