Lax Hottie In Bikini Puts Her Cradle Skills On Display While Riding A Surfboard And This Is Pure Sexy

Julie Castner is a midfielder on the University of Detroit Mercy Lacrosse Team, and in her free time she likes to surf. If you’re already thinking ‘this is my dream girl’, don’t worry, it gets better. In the Instagram video below she combines her two most beloved hobbies, putting her cradle skills on display while she’s surfing.

By itself, surfing is one of the most difficult sports around. Just getting up and riding a wave is something most people will never accomplish in their lives. Toss in some cradling while surfing and I’m pretty sure we’re witnessing the best athlete in the NCAA:

You can check out Julie’s Instagram by clicking here. The above video is a re-gram from the team’s official Instagram feed. Here’s some more surfing and LAX action from Julie Castner:

According to her collegiate profile, Julie Castner’s an incoming Junor who made a pretty significant impact in her second season playing midfield for the University of Detroit Mercy’s ‘Detroit Titans’ women’s lacrosse team. In 2015 she played in all 18 games for the Detroit Titans (starting in 13 of them), and she kicked her 2015 season off with a seven-game goal streak.

We’re not exactly into name a ‘Lacrosse Player of the Week’ here on BroBible, but I’ll happily name Julie Castner to that honor for this sick video (the video that came to us by way of ItsAlwaysSunnyInDetroit).

As it’s only midway through July I think it’s safe to assume we can expect more videos like this one in the coming days and weeks, so stay tuned for more videos from the toned lax hottie in a bikini who loves surfing!