Kansas State Bribing Students With Bacon at Women’s Hoops Game

“We wanted to do something food-related to make a splash,” Kansas State athletics spokesman Randy Peterson told ESPN.com on Wednesday morning. “We've done free pizza before, but every college kid has access to pizza. It's a little harder to get bacon.”

But the promotion garnered so much attention, Kansas State wants to make sure every student who attends gets the promised boat of bacon — a paper container that will be filled to the top with bacon.

So yeah, free bacon is a good thing—perhaps the best of things. But on the other hand, women’s basketball. Blech!

Initially, the plan was to have 100 pounds of delicious bribe bacon on hand for ravenous students. That figure, however, has been rejiggered to 300 pounds.

Will people really do ANYTHING for bacon? We’ll soon know.