Keith Hernandez Continues To Prove Why The Mets Have Baseball’s Best Booth With Absurd Email Scam Story

Keith Hernandez Tells Hilarious Story About Almost Falling For Email Scam


  • There are many things to make fun of the Mets for, but their broadcast booth is not one of them.
  • SNY’s Gary Cohen, Ron Darling, and Keith Hernandez are considered to be the best in the game.
  • Hernandez reminded everyone why with a hilarious story about almost falling for an email scam.

Ask any Mets fan worth their salt and they’ll likely tell you they don’t know how they’d get through the usually painful seasons without Gary Cohen, Ron Darling, and Keith Hernandez in the broadcast booth.

There are many things wrong with the New York Metropolitans, but the quality of the broadcasting team is certainly not one of them as it’s widely considered to be the best in Major League Baseball.

This also isn’t just my biased Mets fan opinion, either: a 2020 survey of 6,200 readers of The Athletic ranked the TV booth for all 30 MLB teams, with SNY’s Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, and Steve Gelbs coming out on top.

The Mets edged the Giants for top spot in our rankings in large part because of Cohen, who anchors baseball’s best booth and earned top marks in the play-by-play category. “GKR” is on top for a reason: “Being a Mets fan is a tough lot in life, but one thing we’ve got going for us is Gary, Keith and Ron,” wrote one respondent. “It’s a golden age for us.”

The consensus is Hernandez (hitters) and Darling (pitchers) are best when it comes to explaining “the mindsets of their respective positions, and Gary ties it all together seamlessly.” The three seem to strike a perfect chord of what fans want: Knowledge of the game, history of the team, camaraderie in the booth and enough wit sprinkled in to make it all work. [via The Athletic]

Keith Hernandez telling a story about almost falling for an email scam

National baseball media obviously agrees, too, as Ron Darling usually calls national postseason games, too. But enough data and facts and time for anecdotal proof: Keith Hernandez rambling on about almost falling for an email scam:

Today will certainly be a fun day for Mets fans as there’s not only the home opener against the Diamondbacks in Queens, but a statue of the legendary Tom Seaver is being unveiled.

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