Baylor Offensive Coordinator Paid Tribute To His Father, Art Briles, During Last Night’s Game Amid Sexual Assault Scandal

It’s been a tough year for Baylor. Rocked by a sexual assault scandal that was made even worse by the ensuing cover-up, things weren’t improved when Baylor fired head coach Art Briles.

Regardless of these shakeups, the season must go on, and Briles’ son Kendal still serves as the team’s offensive coordinator. During last night’s win against Northwestern State, Kendal paid tribute to his father.

Despite the controversy surrounding Art, Baylor’s new head coach Jim Grobe said he had no issues with Kendal’s actions.

Currently, Briles is out of college football but thinks he has the ability to return to coaching eventually. This is despite the fact that reports have surfaced proving that members of Baylor’s coaching staff met with sexual assault victims and failed to report it. Which definitely won’t help his chances. At the same time, there are enough college teams out there that need a new coach to maybe overlook his past.

[h/t SB Nation]