Kendrick Perkins Goes On Nonsensical Rant Ripping The Clippers For Being The ‘Biggest Front-Runners In NBA History’

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I advise taking a bong rip before listening to Kendrick Perkins’ assessment of the 2020 Los Angeles Clippers, who he dubs as the “biggest front-runners in NBA history.”

For the unenlightened, the Clippers posted the most pathetic Game 7 fourth quarters I’m aware of, scoring just 15 points en route to a 104-89 series ending L and blowing a 3-1 lead in the process.

And of course, there was this. Paul George channeling his inner Sandy Lyle. LET ‘ER RAIN.

Are you high yet?

I can wait.


Allow Perk to explain how the Los Angeles Clippers are just puppies who bake pastries for their enemies. Or something.

Keep in mind we are just one day removed from Perk comparing Kawhi to Jordan and guaranteeing a Clippers win. Oh how the turntables…

Perkins ain’t here to make friends.

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