Kenny Mayne Ends Hilarious Aaron Rodgers Interview By Saying ‘F-ck You’ And Walking Off The Set

kenny mayne aaron rodgers interview

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  • Aaron Rodgers joined SportsCenter for what was Kenny Mayne’s final edition of the show and the interview that took place was perfect.
  • Mayne said he took crypto advice from Rodgers the last time they talked, which isn’t looking like a great decision as of late.
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Kenny Mayne hosted his final episode of SportsCenter on Monday night and welcomed a good friend of the program to the show, Aaron Rodgers. The Green Bay Packers quarterback and longtime anchor have linked up many times on the four-letter network, so it was no surprise to see Rodgers stop by for Mayne’s final show.

Mayne spoke to Rodgers about a number of topics – including the drama ongoing in Green Bay – in what was an entertaining interview from start to finish, but the real highlight came at the end of their discussion.

Mayne said that the last time the two talked, Rodgers told him to invest heavily in cryptocurrency, which he did, but joked that he’s regretting that decision.

“We’re down 40 percent,” Mayne said. “Then I lost my job, Gretchen just wants a new comforter, f-ck you, Aaron Rodgers.”

And that, my friends, is how you end an interview.

Earlier this month, Mayne tweeted that he would be leaving ESPN as part of a ‘salary cap casualty.’ Following his news, he spoke with The Athletic’s Richard Deitsch and revealed that ESPN had asked him to take a 61 percent pay cut. The now-former SportsCenter anchor says when he refused ESPN’s offer to take less money he was shown the door.

“It was a significant pay cut. It was a big pay cut to do essentially the same job. It was a 14 percent reduction in time worked and a 61 percent reduction in money earned,” Mayne said. “I thought the variance was too much. I’m not asking anyone to feel sorry for me. It’s my choice to stay or not stay. It was still a good amount of money in the real world.”

Mayne was a familiar face on SportsCenter and various other projects for the worldwide leader for 27 years.

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