Kent Bazemore Gets Roasted For His Asinine Message Following Lakers’ Loss To Raptors

Ken Bazemore Gets Roasted For His Message Following Lakers' Loss

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  • Kent Bazemore posted quite the tweet following the Lakers’ loss to the Raptors on Monday night.
  • Bazemore doesn’t seem to care that the Lakers are the laughing stock of the NBA.
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With their loss to the Toronto Raptors on Monday, the Los Angeles Lakers have now lost 11 of their last 14 games. The Lakers are straight-up bad, a whopping 10 games under .500, and the laughing stock of the NBA, but Kent Bazemore isn’t worried about any of that.

Following Los Angeles’ 114-103 loss to Toronto, Bazemore jumped on Twitter and shared an absurd message, writing “slow progress is better than none.”

Slow progress is fine and all, but not when your team has just 14 games left and is falling out of the play-in game spot in the Western Conference.

Maybe Bazemore is just happy that his Lakers didn’t lose by 29 points again as they did to the Suns the previous night?

Bazemore didn’t even see the floor in the loss to the Raptors, so his ‘slow progress’ tweet doesn’t make sense on a personal level either.

NBA fans roasted Bazemore following his asinine tweet: