College Softball Player Steals Home By Laying Flat To Avoid Tag With Most Insane Dodge Of All-Time

Kent State Athletics

  • Kent State softball’s Alex Whitmore pulled off one of the most insane moves that you will ever see.
  • Over the weekend, she stole home and avoided the tag by literally laying flat on the floor.
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Although Kent State softball is 6-7 to begin the year, the Golden Flashes could turn things around during conference play. Especially if they keep doing ridiculous, unbelievable things like Alex Whitmore did on Saturday.

During Kent State’s 11-0 win over Drake, pitcher Jessica LeBeau allowed only one hit. But that wasn’t even the most impressive performance of the afternoon.

Grad student Mayson Cole, a utility player for the Flashes, stepped up to the plate with two outs and a runner on third in the sixth inning. After taking the first two pitches for a ball, the third pitch of the at-bat went soaring over the catcher’s head for ball three.

Cole was quick to get out of the way, because the second that the passed ball went flying toward the backstop, Whitmore was barreling down the third base line hoping to score a run. Unfortunately for her, the wild pitch bounced perfectly off of the backstop and into the glove of the Drake catcher.

Whitmore was toast. Or so it appeared.

About four feet from the plate, the redshirt junior was caught in a pickle. She could turn back for third, but would likely be thrown out.

In turn, she proceeded to lay completely flat on the ground and pulled off the most athletic tag dodge that you will ever see.

Take a look:

Whitmore’s run was the final run scored in the game and my goodness was it a spectacular one. The fact that she pulled off the move is one thing, but the fact that she even attempted to dodge the tag like that in the first place is truly insane. AND IT WORKED!