Get Wasted With Our Official Kentucky Derby Drinking Game

Now, let’s be honest, it’s sort of difficult to come up with a game for a race that lasts two minutes. With that in mind, we’ve broken it up into two parts. The first is for the ever-so-lengthy pre-race coverage.

One drink for every:
• Use of the word “horse”
• Woman in a ridiculous hat
• Time odds are given

Two drinks for every:
• Hot woman in a ridiculous hat
• Mint julep mention
• Celebrity sighting
• Commercial break

Three drinks for every:
• Use of the phrase “from the rail to the jail”
• Time the condition of the track is discussed
• Time you confuse Bob Baffert for George Seifert
• Note that it’s the “first Saturday in May”
• Man in a ridiculous hat

Drink continuously during:
Any interview with an owner or jockey

OK, here’s the second part. Each person has to select a horse from the field. Once the race begins, anytime the announcer mentions your horse, you must begin chugging until the horse of another participant is named. At that time, it’s the other person’s duty to do the same.

If your horse wins, no drinking. You’ve probably made money and will want to brag about it. If you don’t pick a winner, however, you must drink one drink for each place behind first your horse finished.

Bottom’s up.

[Image via Jerry Lai/USA Today Sports]