What Kevin Durant Said To The Ref To Get Him Ejected Last Night Would Have Earned Him A Haymaker If Said In A Bar

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When you think of NBA Bad Boys, DeMarcus Cousins and Draymond Green may come to mind. But, Kevin Durant sneakily makes them look like choir boys if we dig into the ejection statistics. Durant has been ejected 5 times this season, the most in the NBA by a longshot. The former MVP must be going through some shit considering in his 10-year career prior to this season, he’s been ejected a total of two times.

Durant was tossed yet again during last night’s loss against the Bucks. In the waning moments of the second quarter, Durant drove to the hoop and was fouled. The ref didn’t call it. Happens all the time.

However, even after the Warriors secured the offensive rebound and extended the possession, Durant quit on the possession to approach referee Tre Maddox and yell “Yo, you didn’t see that fucking foul?” to his face. Maddox looked past Durant, so he turned it up a notch, saying clear as day:

“Call the fucking foul you bitch-ass motherfucker!”

Maddox’s decision to toss Durant is a polarizing one. Some would argue that 19,000 people didn’t buy tickets to the game for one of the best players in the world to play one half. But I would argue that any grown man who lets another man yell “bitch ass motherfucker” in his face without retribution is no more than a walking punching bag. The onus is on Durant to tone it down 3 notches if he wants to stick around. This isn’t Russia, there are rules here.

[h/t Deadspin]


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