Kevin Durant Delivered An A+ Burn On Enes Kanter After Kanter Tried To Talk Trash To Him

Kevin Durant played his old team the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night and naturally emotions were a bit high.

Many of the Thunder players were reportedly not thrilled with Durant’s departure, notably center Enes Kanter, who made subtle digs at Durant on Twitter throughout the summer.

Fast forward to the second quarter of last night’s game, with the Thunder down by 23 points, and Kanter decided, for some reason, THAT would be the perfect time to talk shit to Durant.

Reportedly, one of the things Kanter said that got under Durant’s skin was, “Why he didn’t you do this in the playoffs?”

So what did Durant have to about Kanter running his mouth following the Warriors’ 122-96 drubbing of the Thunder (of which 39 of those points were his)?

Durant was correct on the minutes, by the way.

And, oh yeah, Kanter was very quiet on Twitter last night.

H/T Larry Brown Sports