Kevin Durant Has Beef With NBA 2K Over His Rating In This Year’s Game


Getty Image / J Conrad Williams Jr

Kevin Durant continues to find people to be unhappy with this summer.

He has taken issue with Charles Barkley’s comments about his inability to lead a successful team. He has reportedly requested that the Nets fire both their head coach and GM. Now, he has an issue with the people who rate players in NBA 2K.

As the release of this year’s iteration of the game approaches, fans have gotten to learn the ratings of some of the NBA’s biggest stars. Today, it was revealed that Kevin Durant’s rating to start the season in NBA 2K23 will be a 96.

Durant was not happy with this rating and took to Twitter to demand answers.

Kevin Durant has beef with NBA 2K over his ratings in 2K23

This isn’t a complaint that is likely to be particularly well-received by fans. Durant has only ever actually been rated higher at the start of a season once in his career. Durant was rated a 97 at the start of the 2018/19 season while he was with the Golden State Warriors.

Fans also learned today that LeBron James will also be starting the year with a 96 rating in 2K and there likely aren’t many out there who currently believe Durant deserves to be rated higher than LeBron.

Ronnie 2K has since hilariously responded to Durant’s concerns.

Durant has much bigger things to worry about than his 2K rating after getting swept out of the first round of last year’s playoffs, but avoiding a repeat of that disappointment might help him bring his rating up for next season.

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