Kevin Durant Discusses LeBron James To Golden State Rumors And J.R. Smith’s Insane Clock Blunder

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2018 NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant is taking his victory lap around America after sweeping LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers last night. Durant is living on top of the world right now. He just won back-to-back NBA Championships and won the Finals MVP. He’s building a Hall of Fame worthy career and amassing championships along the way with a roster packed with some of the most talent in NBA history (*super team*). Everywhere he goes (outside of Cleveland) people are sending him free drinks, begging for autographs, and treating him like the King.

Kevin Durant somehow find a few minutes in his heavy schedule of debauchery and raucous offseason partying to appear as a guest last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he opened up about J.R. Smith’s horrendous clock blunder, LeBron to Golden State rumors, partying in Cleveland after the Finals, and more:

I group interviewed Kevin Durant years ago in NYC just before the Basketball World Cup or World Basketball Classic, whatever it’s called, and Durant blew me away with his humility. We asked Durant if he’d rather win an NBA Championship or a Gold Medal for Team USA and he jumped into this earnest discussion about how humbling it is to play for his country, to wear the flag, and how the ultimate achievement for any athlete is winning a Gold Medal for the USA. He won me over as fan that day with his humility and it’s cool to see him finally getting everything he deserves.