Kevin Garnett Chucked A Ball At Dwight Howard, Then Delivered A Headbutt


Kevin Garnett is still in the NBA and getting into physical altercations when not sitting out with old man ailments. He reminded us of his presence yet again last night by going off on Dwight Howard.

The Brooklyn Nets big man lost his cool just four minutes into the game.

With 7:53 remaining, Garnett and Howard got tangled up as Howard was trying to catch a lob pass in the paint. After a foul was called, Garnett pushed Howard, and Howard pushed back.

Garnett then threw the ball at Howard, got in his face, and head-butted him. Garnett added a push, and Howard responded by throwing an open-handed slap that hit Garnett in the neck. The two were then separated.

Multiple players and security personnel tried to hold Garnett back, but he attempted to go back after Howard before being restrained and eventually leaving the court through the tunnel.

Very mature stuff, all around.

It’s crazy Howard gets picked on with such frequency. He’s freaking enormous. One of these days he’s going to snap and break someone in half.

Personally I think Garnett is lucky a team of people kept him away from Howard. As cagey as the old man is, there’s a significant disparity in upper-body strength.

But, hey, anything is possible.