OH GOD… Watch A KHL Hockey Player Take A Skate To The Throat And Try Not To Hurl

by 5 years ago
Vitaly Sitnikov KHL throat cut hockey blade

YouTube - KHL

So did you catch the game between between HC Ugra and HC Slovan Bratislava in the KHL on Sunday? My guess would be no. And that would have been a GOOD thing because during the game forward Vitaly Sitnikov caught a skate… IN THE THROAT. Yikes! Clint Malarchuk much?

Yahoo! Sports reports that Sitnikov might miss at least one game. You think?

“Vitaly had the surgery and everything sewn up. Now everything is fine,” reported his coach Pavel Yezovskikh.

Watch with amazement as Sitnikov actually calls for a sub before leaving the ice after getting his throat slashed.

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