In The Most Bizarre MMA Video Of 2015 A Kickboxer Gets KTFO’d, Wakes Up And Thinks He’s Rocky Balboa



There’s been some seriously great headlines across the Internet to describe the action in this video. The first person on the web to circulate this video was A. Isaac from Uproxx who went with the headline ‘Kickboxer Gets Knocked Out, Tries To Get Up, Jumps Out Of The Ring Like A Crazy Man’, and from there Deadspin picked it up and went with ‘Kickboxer Gets Knocked Out, Turns Into One Of The Three Stooges’. Like, before ever even seeing a thumbnail I knew I had to click this video based on just the headlines…and it didn’t disappoint at all.

I’m not sure my Rocky Balboa-centric headline does this video any justice, but after that kickboxer got KTFO’d and hit the mat, then stood up and hit the mat again, he then stood up and seemed to dance around in celebration like he was Rocky. I felt this particular part of the video was worth mentioning as my esteemed web colleagues had focused on other aspects of the video.

Another thing worth mentioning here is how the kickboxer got hit so hard he lost all concept of reality. He thinks he’s the victor, he’s got his gloves in the air in celebration. It’s only been a matter of seconds since he was cold cocked and went lights out on the mat, but he has zero memory of that. I’m guessing that man is within the grips of a serious concussion and/or he fixed the match. If he was going to throw/fix the match I’d hope he could do a better acting job than that, but I still can’t shake the feeling that something’s not right here…Thoughts? Answers down below in the comments.