Grade-Schooler Makes Amazing Custom Eagles Valentine’s Cards To Celebrate Super Bowl Win

Kid Eagles Valentines Cards Patriots

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We have seen some quality celebrating by Philadelphia Eagles fans since the team won its first Super Bowl a couple of weekends ago. Heck, one Eagles fan already got a tattoo of Jason Kelce from the championship parade.

The celebration of the Eagles’ big win hasn’t been isolated to just the adults in the Philadelphia area, however. No, sir. Every school in the city was closed last Thursday so kids could also get in on the parade festivities.

One of the most clever, creative celebrations we’ve seen by Eagles fans comes from an eight-year-old boy who decided that with Valentine’s Day coming up he would make his own custom Philadelphia Eagles cards with highlights from the team’s first-ever Super Bowl win (and take a jab at the Patriots with a little trolling thrown in just for kicks).

Needless to say, these cards were VERY well-received by Eagles fans (and Patriots haters) on Twitter.

This is definitely a kid who is going places. Heck, he even already has his own YouTube channel, because of course he does.

Seriously. I feel so inadequate now.